Jabra product launch and partnerships

Jabra Red Bull Campaign & Jabra Elite 85H launch

Jabra is a global player in both enterprise and consumer headsets. The majority of the business is in enterprise B2B but now slowly transitioning into a global consumer brand leveraging it’s heritage. Multiple Campaigns were executed for consumer first product launch featuring at CES in Las Vegas.

Jabra x Mic Red Bull Campaign

The Brief
Increase Jabra’s brand awareness via Jabra X Mic Red Bull campaign on Jabra’s owned social channels. Red Bull Media House approached Jabra, to develop an entirely new microphone to record sound in high-wind environments, with potential uses that extend far beyond the world of professional sports.

The Task
The task was to highlight this partnership to show off Jabra’s innovations with Redbull via a social media mobile first campaign. The challenge is that the Red Bull footages provided did not have Jabra branding and were not optimized for social media, as the main feature to highlight was the Jabra Mic. How do you highlight sound in a sound-off by default platform? 

The Solution
Using innovative and creative thinking using social first mechanism to bring branding first along with thumb-stopping graphics to ensure consumers are interested to stop scrolling and turn on the sound. This requires not only understanding the consumer’s platform behavior but also knowing how optimized brand lift.

Product Launch Jabra Elite 85H

The Task
With digital and social media first marketing efforts to re-brand Jabra as the latest and smartest consumer headphone brand.

Creating a toolbox and concept that caters to over 27 countries and 17 languages.Which results in over 1,000 annual unique campaigns. These include social media assets, CES Las Vegas, Amazon A+ pages and OLVs.

During 2019,  Plantronics, Jabra’s biggest competitor,experienced negative growth while Jabra achieved 26% growth in 2019. The digital assets created also helped establish direct online sales, from zero to an annual three-digit million amount in turnover of 5 years. In addition, Jabra has now executed globally on Amazon from the US to Europe and Japan with several hundred million kroner in sales.