Danfoss - SE Asia Campaign

Agency: Advance      Client: Danfoss     Role: Lead Strategist


At Advance, I was the lead strategist running a South East Asia branding campaign for a Global brand, Danfoss. I was responsible for overall strategy and working closely with the creative team and local media agency to ensure to produce a concept that is mobile and digital first. This includes media buying and continuous optimization in the five selected markets.

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The Danfoss Group manufactures products and provides services used in cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, Variable frequency drives, gas compressors, variable-frequency drives and powering mobile machinery. Danfoss employs approximately 28,000 people worldwide.Their products are marketed in over 100 countries.




Results were higher than expected across CPM, VTR and CTR across channels. My team and I with the partnership of local agency continually optimized the campaign and gradually narrowed the audience so that the most engaged users received the most relevant content. Across the five markets, we secured an impressive 13 minutes of Time Spent visiting our Facebook Instant Experiences. By comparison, the visit time on campaign sites is generally less than three minutes. The campaign thus not only created awareness, but also Qualified Awareness. A follow up campaign will follow in Fall 2020.